“I want to extend my eternal gratitude for the constant and unwavering support of *********. Prior to his acceptance at Vanguard I was dubious that he would pass NCEA level 1 and could have never dreamed he would have level 2 under his belt; he was shy, unsettled, disruptive and destructive. He was bullied, frequently said he felt out of place, lost and seemed almost angry. Two years with Vanguard and today he leaves with his level 2, takes pride in his appearance and can iron trousers like a pro, makes his bed, communicates with confidence. He found his place and I have never seen him beam with so much pride.

********* has much to learn, but I am confident he has the tools to better tackle the upcoming life obstacles and I owe a huge part of that to the staff and students of Vanguard. Thank you will never amount to the overwhelming gratitude I have for you all, but please know you have all forever left a lifelong impression on not just *********, but his siblings, family and myself - we hope to one day be able to pay back what we have received.”

Parent of a 2019 Recruit