Every year, Vanguard Military School holds a day-long Challenge Cup competition. This involves every section in the school battling it out in physical, mental, and intellectual challenges. Each year, students finish this event wet, muddy and exhausted but with pride in themselves and their sections, for the limits they’ve pushed themselves to.

Vanguard Challenge Cup History:                

  • 2014: Hulme Section, IC: William Reber
  • 2015: Laurent Section, IC: Hope Matatia
  • 2016: Trent Section, IC: Don Mokoroa
  • 2017: Elliott Section, IC: Don Mokoroa
  • 2018: Hulme Section, IC: Elijah Holmes
  • 2019: Bassett Section, IC: Pearl Wilson
  • 2020: Laurent Section, IC Kaio Albert-Singer

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