“This is one very proud Mum right here!!! ********* throughout his schooling has always been "that" kid - the one who is labelled naughty because he likes things to be black and white, the one who never got invited to birthday parties and the one who would wait patiently at every single prize giving and assembly for his name to be called out. We would tell him each time - work hard and it will be your name called out one day!!! He's always been content to be happy for all the others whose names were called. Well not today!!! For him to receive this award - it means more than words can ever express. In a year that has been difficult for our family it is the light that we have been hoping for.

Yes, he has worked hard to get up each morning and get on the bus(es) to school, he's worked hard at PT and in his subjects and he is working on himself too. Much credit needs to go to Vanguard as well - with Vanguard he has found the friends he's never had and the teachers that "get him" and have been able to draw out that passion in him to strive to do well and the people that have shown faith in him and his abilities.”

Parent of a 2019 Recruit

“I want to extend my eternal gratitude for the constant and unwavering support of *********. Prior to his acceptance at Vanguard I was dubious that he would pass NCEA level 1 and could have never dreamed he would have level 2 under his belt; he was shy, unsettled, disruptive and destructive. He was bullied, frequently said he felt out of place, lost and seemed almost angry. Two years with Vanguard and today he leaves with his level 2, takes pride in his appearance and can iron trousers like a pro, makes his bed, communicates with confidence. He found his place and I have never seen him beam with so much pride.

********* has much to learn, but I am confident he has the tools to better tackle the upcoming life obstacles and I owe a huge part of that to the staff and students of Vanguard. Thank you will never amount to the overwhelming gratitude I have for you all, but please know you have all forever left a lifelong impression on not just *********, but his siblings, family and myself - we hope to one day be able to pay back what we have received.”

Parent of a 2019 Recruit

”I just wanted to say how impressed I was by your students travelling on the Warkworth to Silverdale AT bus on Friday. Unfortunately, I didn't get the name of the male student I spoke to but he was so polite, well presented and communicated effectively about your school. I asked him a number of questions as I hadn't heard of you before and was really interested. Just wanted to pass on these thoughts.”

Member of the Public, 2020

Thank you for improving the lives of each young person crossing the thresholds of Vanguard. Each one of you show a commitment and dedication that deserves to be recognized and celebrated. Our family is grateful for you and the path you have chosen. The 3 years we have been connected to this school has been life changing due to each one of your contributions and mentorship you have offered.

Parents of a 2022 Recruit