“Vanguard Military School is a special character, senior high school in Albany on the North Shore of Auckland. The school uses the ethos and training methodology of the military to develop young men and women from all over Auckland to become productive, responsible citizens of New Zealand. The school strives for excellence in all tasks both academic and attitudinal, with the aim of unlocking the full potential of each individual and thereby creating a positive pathway for their future.”

It has been a privilege to hold the position of Principal at Vanguard since its inception in 2014. As a school of choice, Vanguard was established to provide an alternative style of education for parents and their children.

The unique educational model is based on direct instructional teaching, with a focused STEM curriculum, good routine, self-discipline, personal responsibility and comprehensive pastoral care. Students are taught, not only what they have to do, but also how to do it. We are very proud of our unique educational system, which has over the years developed confident and successful young men and women, with the attitude and belief that guarantees a sound platform for moving into the adult world after leaving school.

Since inception, Vanguard Military School has consistently achieved academic and attendance rates well above the national average. These results clearly indicate that the unique educational model works equally well for all ethnic groups within the school. As the only school of its type in New Zealand, the opportunity to participate in a Vanguard education is seen by many as a privilege, and I am confident that if any young person truly wants an opportunity to set themselves up for life, they should consider applying to enrol at Vanguard.

I look forward to meeting the families and young people that do choose to enrol at the school in the near future.

Rockley Montgomery


Curriculum & Accountability


In mid-September 2013 it was announced that Vanguard Military School would be established and start operating as one of New Zealand’s first Partnership Schools.  To set a senior secondary school up in just four months was not a small undertaking. 

At that point in September there were no staff, no building and no resources, just a contract to set about improving the lives of children who were not succeeding or not likely to, in their present school system.


The New Zealand Curriculum will be taught with NCEA Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and University Entrance being our measurable performance targets. Maths, English and Physical Education are all compulsory subjects at the school as we look to improve the numeracy, literacy and health issues many of our young people have.


Challenge Cup

Every year Vanguard Military School holds a day-long Challenge Cup competition.


An annual event testing the grit and determination of each and every recruit and their section. 

Intersection Competition

At the start of each year all of our students are put into sections named after New Zealand Victoria Cross recipients.


Vanguard Military School takes great pride in marching in the Browns Bay and Auckland Domain ANZAC Day Parades every year.

Sport & Culture

Vanguard Military School offers recruits the opportunity to get involved in a variety of sporting and cultural activities.