The Education Act 1989 requires every school to complete a Charter and a copy of the Annual Charter update to be sent to the Ministry of Education each year.

The role of the Board of Trustees is to prepare and maintain the School Charter.

The Charter is a key planning document that sets out the school's objectives and targets for the year, it is important it is in place at the start of the school year. It can then be effective in setting teaching and learning programmes and guiding the activities of your school.

The purpose of a School Charter is to establish the mission, aims, objectives, directions and targets of the board that will give effect to the Government's National Education Guidelines and the Board's priorities.

Under the National Administration Guidelines, a School Board is required to develop a strategic plan which documents how they are giving effect to the National Education Guidelines through their policies, plans and programmes, including those for curriculum, National Standards, assessment and staff professional development.

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