Enrolment Process

If you would like to apply to attend Vanguard Military School, please submit an Expression of Interest Form. Once we have received your Expression of Interest Form, we will email you an invitation to attend our mandatory Orientation Evening with a parent or caregiver. Our Orientation Evening is a way for prospective students and their families to gain an understanding of what Vanguard Military School is about.

You will have a presentation with our Principal to hear the aims and goals of our school community as a whole and have the chance to ask him and our student leaders questions about the school. You will receive a tour of the school and receive all the information you require about Vanguards educational system, all the subjects we have on offer, and overview of our rules and regulations and an explanation about what is expected of a Vanguard Recruit.

When you receive the invitation via email for our Orientation Evening, there will be a link attached. You MUST book through this link to secure yourself a place at our Orientation Evening as we only have limited spaces available. Once your spot is secured, you will receive confirmation of this via email. 

Vanguard Military School Enrolment Scheme click here.